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RUNtelligence is the brain-child of Larry Herman, couch-potato-turned-runner who thinks athletic clothing should make a statement and be FUN!


Larry Herman 

Larry Herman spent the better part of his first 37 years of life as a sedentary, overweight, stationary fellow.

Withstanding the teasing, tormenting, and taunting of others through every day, he lived a life filled with all the pressures and embarrassments that are common to people in such a situation. In spite of his love of sports, as a child, he was sometimes chosen last for a side in a neighborhood game but usually not chosen at all. Yes, more often than not, the other children would rather play short a man than pick the fat kid. Larry made the best of things, and regardless of the anguish, had many friends and many accomplishments throughout life. However; even years later, although he had become a tremendously successful doctor and businessman with fame, fortune, and accolades following him, he was unsuccessful in reducing his weight.

So out of shape that a friend challenged him to run one complete mile without stopping. If he could do it, Larry would get $1,000.00. It took 30 seconds and less than 1/20th of a mile for him to turn around - depressed, dejected, and broken while walking back home.

After allowing himself to balloon to a morbidly obese 310 pounds; he decided to do something once and for all.Thus began a quest that would bring him to a point where he had lost 110 pounds. Still sedentary, he would be relegated to watching his friends and children compete in various athletic activities.

That all changed in a Dallas hotel on June 23, 2003. It was that night that Larry, bored of sitting in his room, ventured to the hotel exercise room, stepped on a treadmill, and 18 minutes later had completed running one full mile for the first time in his life.

He had fallen in love with running.

Less than 2 months of training later brought his first completed 5k in just over 30 minutes. Only 7 months from that first mile, he completed the 2004 Miami Tropical Marathon…and never looked back. Now he has completed scores of races of all lengths including over 60 marathons, races up to 50 miles, the Competitor Group / Elite Racing Rock and Roll Grand Slam and Competitor Group / Elite Racing Rock and Roll Elite Racing Rock Star Circuit.

Larry’s leadership skills are matched equally by this genuine love of and unwavering dedication to the sport of running whether it is on the roads or trails, behind the scenes, or with a coach’s whistle. He has been a marathon assistant director, Vice President of his local Running Club and a member of the Running USA Board of Directors, helping serve and facilitate the growth of all aspects and entities of running and its health and fitness benefits helping to provide the community 'meeting place' for major road race, media and athletic industry personnel.

Larry is a successful businessman, loving father, and outstanding advocate for runners of all abilities.